To The Resistance


Check out some amazing shots from #OfMiceOnWarped, credit to elmakias

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I don’t care what kind of blog I have I will blog this no matter what.

"Craving sensation: feeling unreal" was such a huge part of the beginning of my relapse. I was convinced that people in front of me didn’t even exist and I kept touching things and trying to feel sensation. I’m reblogging because I know that that was so horrifying for me and I never want anyone else to go through it. 

Just in case this can help someone. Some suggestions also seem harmful (eating a hot pepper really hurts!!!) but steps to feeling better and not self harming is most important. Sending you love and light

STOP SCROLLING! Please reblog this vitally important information because at least one of your followers is self-harming. Thank you!

I don’t know if there’s any of my followers who is suffering with self-harming. But if there’s anyone of you who is this situation, here’s some tips to help you!

This helped me the first time I saw it. I actually did some of the suggested stuff. I’ll always reblog this no matter what.

This used to always help me, it still does. Please spread this around.

This has helped me many times before too, so please everyone, read it!

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Crown The Empire

Warped Tour 2014

Marcus Amphitheatre

Milwaukee, WI


Photos by Anam Merchant

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There was a four year old named Hermione at my work today. It’s started. 

it has begun

The Potter generation is growing up.



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I posted this before but I just can’t get enough of his smile

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All Time Low // Somewhere In Neverland (x)

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only a few days left… 

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interviewer: why would you guys go naked bowling with each other?
jack: ‘cause we’re best friends, that’s what best friends do
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i made a printable version // inspired by original post (x)

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my goal in life is to be so hot that people can’t pronounce words right when they’re trying to talk to me

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Sin comentarios….

Someone give me this so I can prepare for going back to school

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Gold medal synchronized hair flip champs

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