"what will your kids think of that tattoo?"
my kids aren’t going to give 2 shits because i’m not going to raise them to be a judgmental asshole like your parents did

i’m just going to reblog this over and over again until i give myself carpal tunnel

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this happened 1,5 weeks ago. Yep, this is my life. I won tickets to the AA + Secrets + The Ghost Inside + CROWN THE FUCKING EMPIRE SHOW.

and the next moment I was shopping with them in Amsterdam, as a normal fang(girl).

No, I don’t know how Im still alive.

This means that this year I already met:

  • patty walters
  • Mikey Chapman
  • Of mice & men
  • Crown The Empire

and there’s still 2 concerts to go.

Hold me.

Okay bye ily all,



Erm can I please be you